Bearings are mechanical elements used to reduce friction and wear, and ease movement between parts with relative movement between them. The bearings usually consist of an outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements and cage. SYL INTERNATIONAL, S.A. has an extensive range of industrial roller and ball bearings. Also as bearings for cars, heavy equipment, and Agricultural Industry.


Crucetas y Yokes
Universal Joints are elements of mechanical power transmission that are used to join two shafts at their ends. These elements allow for misalignment between the axes of flexion with minimal stress. The Universal Joints are probably one of the components that is subjected to greater support in the force transmission system of a vehicle, so to be an indispensable piece of the same quality is an important factor.


Correas y Poleas
One of the most common mechanical transmission systems is the belt systems. These consist of two or more pulleys coupled by a belt. The power transmission in these systems is due to the friction between the belt and pulleys. The straps can be of different types, among these are the V, flat and toothed belts.


Cadenas y Sprokets
The power transmission systems by chains are a secure solution. You must make sure to choose the correct chains with their gears and lubrication system to ensure optimal system work. SYL INTERNATIONAL S.A. offers an array of strings suitable to meet all kinds of work rolls.


The Bearings Units are considered by many Maintenance Engineers as one of the elements defining the optimum performance of a plant or equipment. These systems consist of: a bearing, accommodation and a stamp. Applications within a plant or equipment of the bearings are as vast as their designations. SYL INTERNATIONAL SA UCP offers Bearings type, UCF, UCFL, UCT, among others.


One of the main functions of the MECHANICAL SEAL is to prevent lubricant leakage, as well as to protect against contamination, closing the spaces between stationary components and moving components in mechanical equipments. Syl International has a wide variety of oil seals that guarantee the optimal performance of the process.

Flexible Couplings

Flexible coupling are designed to connect shafts which are misaligned either laterally or angularly. A secondary benefits is the absorption of impacts due to fluctuations in shafts torque or angular speed. SYL INTERNATIONAL S.A. offers a extend variety of flexible couplings suitable to meet all work.

Control Cables

When power source and load are located at extreme distances from one and other. The use of Control Cables are suggested. SYL INTERNATIONAL SA offers control cables tailored for automotive vehicles, hydraulic hoses, steel cables and accessories.


One of the main functions of the OIL SEALS is to prevent lubricant leakage, closing the spaces between stationary components and moving components in mechanical equipment. Syl International has seals and stamps that help ensure a steady framerate and effective appearance.

Compression Packings

Fluid loss in operation is cause of extreme concern. One of the oldest, and still common sealing solutions is compressions packings. We stock a variety of material for joints and compression packing of the highest quality in the market. Some of our material includes: PTFE sheets, non-asbestos sheets, rubber/neoprene sheets among others.

Thermal Insulation Fiber

We provide the industry with high quality materials for thermal insulation systems. Our extensive line of insulation products covers all your needs.


SYL INTERNATIONAL S.A. offers a full line of Conveyor Idlers products used to move bulk elements including coal, iron ore, aggregates, grains and loose resources which might be used in many sectors including mining, quarry, agricultural, food, pulp and paper, chemical, and allied industries.